iEducate Driving School Geelong - Driving education that is proven to save lives!

IT MATTERS HOW YOU ARE TAUGHT TO DRIVE! Your average driving instructors will tell you how to drive a car. We are SAFE DRIVING EDUCATORS who educate young drivers lifelong habits of independent safe drivers. In our life-changing curriculum course learner drivers become active participants of their learning, not just follow instructions. You will see the difference in as little as one lesson! Our low 2.3% accident rate* proves our driver training works and saves lives! (*In the 6 months after attaining P plate license)

Training packages now available to learn HOOK TURNS AND DRIVING WITH TRAMS in Melbourne - 3 hours return trip for $220.

Book individual lessons and packages now online to experience the difference!

I Educate driving school caters for learn to drive, one-on-one Driving Lessons in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast, developing school syllabus education in Auto and manual driver education with male and female driving instructors. Our Driving Lessons in Geelong cater for all age groups we teach to suit each persons learning style at their pace in a stress free environment.

  • What makes us different?
    - we are driving educators, not driving instructors - we educate you to become a safe driver, not just teach you to drive a car
    - we teach lifelong habits of safe drivers, not just skills to pass a driving test
    - we teach defensive driving on how to manage risk by others to avoid accidents and stay safe on the roads
    - we use coaching methodology that matches to the clients learning style in tailored learning environments
    - our educators receive extensive 6 months training in the beginning and regular ongoing training to stay up to date on current requirements in safe driving
    - our driving education is proven to change and save lives!

Our Services

  • Beginner Learners

    Every learner is entitled to a free session, the federal government have provided funding for this road safety initiative - Please contact us to arrange your free session

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  • Re-testing for the Elderly

    We can retrain you and keep you on the road longer and safer.

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  • Automatic to Manual licences

    Do you need to drive a car with manual transmission for work?

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  • Any Time Any Location

    We will pick you up for your lessons where convenient for anywhere in Greater Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surfcoast and Werribee. Click to see a list of all suburbs.

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During our first lesson together, your skill level will be assessed and any areas which may need improvement will be identified. Then we can give you an estimate of how many lessons you may need.

No. We are only insured for lessons in our cars. Also, we have dual controls, so lessons in our cars are safer and easier.

We use Toyota Corolla Accent Hatch Sports 2014 model automatic.

A government funded program which provides learners a free one hour lesson with suitably qualified driving instructors. A supervising driver needs to come along for the lesson and together we work on ideas about how to make our learners safer drivers once they are on their P’s.

Upon reaching 17 years and 11 months of age, you may do the hazard perception test. It takes place at the Vicroads office where you will be shown video footage of different driving scenarios on a computer. You are required to click on the mouse button to perform the “nominated action” at the appropriate time. You must have passed the hazard perception test before you will be allowed to do your licence test.

Don’t worry, you are in good hands. But if something does happen, our cars are fully insured – you won’t have to pay a thing.

No. Most learners use a driving school car but you can take your own. It must be in roadworthy condition, the speedo must be visible from the front passenger seat and the handbrake must be between the front seats.

If you complete your test in a manual car, you are permitted to drive manual or automatic. If you licence test is completed in an automatic car, you will only be able to drive an automatic car while you are on your P’s. Getting an auto licence is quicker, cheaper and easier. A manual licence is required by some employers. It takes longer and is harder to learn manual. Having a manual car at home is highly recommended, so you can practice between lessons with your instructor.

You will need to do the licence test drive again in a manual vehicle. There is no need to do the hazard perception test. You can practice driving a manual car on your auto licence but will need to display your P plates and a “driver under instruction” sign. You must also have a full licence holder beside you

We will check your log book and provide you with a written list of anything that needs to be fixed. Your log book must be at an acceptable standard, or you will not be able to do your licence test. It will be checked by your Vicroads licence tester just prior to your on road drive test.