New Learners

New Learners

Every learner is entitled to a free session, the federal government have provided funding for this road safety initiative

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If you want your child/sibling to drive crash free and avoid risks caused by other drivers, read on to learn more about our methodology of teaching that is proven to save lives!!

  • It is imperative that you do not use instructional methods for the entire journey, start the process with passing on knowledge, but do not keep telling!
  • use research proven methodologies
  • the earlier you start coaching, the safer your sibling will be
  • use our Novice Driver Curriculum as your reference and learning journal.
  • Australians most advanced and effective curriculum (797 competency based units) every situation, every where, every day
  • we will provide you with unlimited support
  • its really enjoyable when you know what to ask
  • ask questions, do tell them the answer, lead them to it
  • we provide you and your learner with road law help
  • how to really park a car. and its easy. “yup really”
  • this is a comprehensive training package
  • we will help you to pass on your extensive knowledge.
  • Think of your self as a tradie teaching an apprentice
  • Active participants managing the risks at every situation